Fakarava, dicovering the heaven

Dream images we all have in mind of a long palm-lined sandy beach, coconut trees, and crystalline and warm waters ... Images dreamed of a paradise on Earth ... And ultimately, it is what it is!

The atoll of Fakarava, which was only discovered in 1820, is nevertheless one of the largest atoll in French Polynesia, with a length of almost 60km to 25km wide, representing a total area of 1121 km² for only 16 km² of emerged land!
The population (with about 900 souls) are distributed mainly on two villages of the atoll; Rotoava the North and the South Tetamanu, former capital of the joint grouping 6 neighboring atolls.

Among the discoveries to be made: a visit to a pearl farms, that of the ancient village of Tetamanu with one of the first Catholic churches built of coral, and from 1874, or that of one of four marae lost among the many cocoterais atoll.
The flagship product of the island is the diving which holds its batch of thrills in almost virgin sites where lagoon and pelagic fauna such as loaches are concentrated, groupers, barracudas, stingrays and sharks unforgettable hammer and tiger sharks.

Fakarava in few pictures

The atoll of Fakarava is classified "Biospherical Reserve" by Unesco since 2006. In fact, the commune of Fakarava has a rich and well-preserved ecosystem, offering walkers the privilege of discovering a pristine atoll of human activities. Also included is a particularly rare fauna and flora, such as the kingfisher hunter, the palm of the Tuamotu and in the lagoons, shellfish specimens such as mantis.